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    I have a 2012 eg classic with two hogtunes speakers in the dash with factory hk receiver.Is it possible to power a tweeter pod with the unused rear channel outputs on the amp? Has anyone done this or is it common practice? I think the tweeter pods are rated to handle 50 watts,the stock harmon cardon only puts out 20 watts. I think i should be safe.
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    Info from the Tweeter Pod kit claims the following.........

    Complete add on tweeter kit includes mounting hardware, drilling template, and all plug and play wiring. Fits all 98- current FLH (Batwing) models
    Doubles as fairing accent piece and includes decorative chrome trim.
    Pod comes “satin black” and matches stock inner fairings
    Disassembles easily for painting pod to match custom inner fairings.
    Included black “see through” grills can be painted, chromed or covered in custom grill cloth.
    Included black cloth covered grills match stock speaker grill cloth
    Compatible with all Hogtunes systems, 98-current stock systems, or bikes with aftermarket car radios. Features custom designed, high efficiency metalized dome tweeters with 3rd order – 18dB/octave passive crossovers (built into back of pod)
    Uses same bolt pattern as similar MoCo “fairing dash pad”
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    I have a tweeter pod on the way. From the instructions I've read on the H.T. tech zone: tweeter pods are supplied with correct harness, and hook into the front speaker system, no amp required (but amp will sound better). Also, from what I gathered from the tech zone, the leads for the back speakers on a Classisc are not active. The radio must be "flashed" by the dealer to bring those leads to life and bring the fader function up on display.
    I'm not real bright on audio stuff, so I may be wrong.