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Turn signals linked to break lights?


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On a 2007 Electraglide Classic I am having turn signals and break lights not working at the same time. Anybody have an idea why this would happen...................I am under warranty but hate to drive over an hour to dealer with no turn signals or break lights?

Any and all comments are welcome.

I would start with checking the fuses in the fuse panel. You may find the answer there. It really shouldn't blow fuses for no reason but check them out in any case first.
It could be a number of things like a bad connection in the harness or bad ground.
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Wouldn't a bad ground cause all the lights to come on when braking or signalling? Earth is then going through the other bulbs.
That would depend on where the ground was bad IF it is a ground problem at all. Was just throwing it out there as a possibility.

Easiest way of checking a ground to the lights is to furnish a ground wire (piece of wire) from the neg of the battery and touch the turn signal housing (metal) one at a time to check each individual one with the circuit activated (ON) and see if it changes anything.

Other wise you have to go point to point through the circuit with a test light to see where the open is. The ground is the easiest to check, that's why I mentioned it first. After that it gets more involved. If it isn't something obvious, I would let the dealer handle the problem so there isn't any reprocussions when tinkering with the wiring.
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O.K., finally got it fixed ! Took it to the dealer and they traced it to a pinched wire inside the left handlebar switch housing. Once they unpinched the wire.........everything worked normal.

Thanks to all the willing advisors. I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Glad you got it fixed.

Most times the problem can be traced to the last thing done on the bike. Always post any mods done and if they were just done recently.