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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by broncobob, Nov 24, 2013.

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    2007 ultra and the rear lamps stay on with no turn signal. the left turn signal bulb is brighter than the right. replaced all 3 bulbs with new. also noticed that the red security key in the dash came on and the bike died but restarted....i was stopped at the time when this happened so it didn"t die while i was underway. i checked all connections including under the seat and found no obvious problem. front signals work fine. all bulbs in the rear illuminate but the turn signals will not flash nor will the taillamp brake light work. i hope i gave enough info to help with a problem cause....thanks for the help
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    A turn signal issue but you replaced three bulbs.
    Only two are needed for turn signals.

    Are you talking about three (turn l/r and taillight)?
    Using a module such as Harley or Kuryakyn under the seat?
    That would tie all the rear lights together.

    If you are, remove the module and make the lights stock, as from the factory.
    Then see what happens.
    The module might have gone bad.
    I've had that happen before.
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    I would suggest to check the wiring that is under the rear fender as it is exposed and can be damaged

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