Turn signal ground location??

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    99 FLHRCI

    I recently installed the kuryakyn led bullets on the front and incandescent bullets on the rear. I have the load equalizer plugged in to the kuryakyn harness adapter on the harness under the seat.

    L/R signal will flash fine.

    R/R signal has power at the board and light socket but the bulb does not illuminate (bulb tested good) and there is no flash when I hook up the test light at the board.

    L/F led bullet/signal has power in the wires (past my solder connection) and flash but the led's do not illuminate or flash.

    R/F led bullet/signal has power in the wires (past my solder connection) but no flash (even at the harness connection) but the led's do not illuminate.

    Driving lights work.

    Headlight Hi/Low beams work.

    I removed the harness adapter/load equalizer and the left rear signal would just illuminate and produce no flash.

    So this leads me to believe there is a ground issue(?)

    Where is the location of the main ground for the signals?

    Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!

    Bueller? Bueller?
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    Just for curiosity, because the left signals seem to be working properly, can you pull the left assemblies and physically swap them to the right to verify the right signaling module works okay (then disconnect them from the module(s).

    Now physically move the right ones to the left and and check to see that the signals work, (module was okay on that side) so you are testing the right lamp assemblies...do they now work? Sometime during this interchange and testing, you should be able to isolate problem to unit assembly or module malfunction.
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    Thanks HD, Turns out upon disassembly of the units, the bulbs were never even plugged in during manufacture. That's Kuryakyn Quality Control for ya!!!