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    Looking for some help here. I have a 2002 FLHT, carbed version. The first owner (2 months) put about 2000 miles on it so I don't know how it was broken in. I had a stage 1 done with Bub's big dog pipes, K&N air and rejetting. My 2008 Impala gets better fuel economy. On a recent trip to the Big Bend area of Texas I got 32 mpg. (that was holding the speed to about 75 max on the highway). I am considering "detuning" the bike by putting the original filter, pipes and jet back. Can anyone give me an idea whether this will make much difference? I am not a hotdogger and spend most of my time in the 60 - 70 mph range. My Impala got 33 mpg on a recent trip to San Antonio at 75 mph. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Best way to tell is to open the carb and check the sizes of the jetting in there. If it is too large or if the needle was substituted for the sportster needle (27094-88 ), that will knock the MPG down considerably.
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    Hi, I drove 142 km trip and my 2002 FXD took 4,24 litres per 100 kilometres. If I calculated correctly it equals to 55 MPG. Speed was about 52 mph. I have V&H Big Shots, Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 and rejetting was done by local dealer. I am sure that higher speeds will make much lower MPG figures. I am very happy about my bikes economy even though my 1.4 liter diesel Skoda is still more economical. Lowest consuption is 3.6 liters per 100 kilometres that is about 60 MPG.

    1 gallon 95 fuel costs today 9,12 USD in Finland - I wish we had as cheap as you guys there in US
    1 gallon diesel costs 8,22 USD
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    I get good mileage going to and from work 40 to 45mpg (55mph typically) but if I hit the freeway (75,80,85mph) I can watch the gas gauge drop quickly. twin cam 88 with screaming eagle intake vance and hines longshots with oversized cams