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    I am considering changing the stock pipes on my 08 Road King Custom to Rush pipes that my Harley dealer will install for me with the breather kit, download and finally a SE Pro Super Tuner that is priced at $459.95 (100 more than the pipes)!!! They said that without the tuner the gas mixture will be all screwed up and void the warrant. What gives on this? Is the super tuner necessary? If it is, no problem, if not, why is Harley pushing it on me. Thanks for your help.
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    Tell them the gas mixture is already screwed up coming from factory,Ask them to put the "void the warranty" thing in writing , what kind of download are they going to do , why do the super tuner ????? Just some questions to ask your dealer.
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    personally i use a SE tuner because i have a heavily modified engine but for a stage 1 type setup there are many less expensive ways to go that work just as well. As for voiding the warranty first something would have to fail and they would have to prove that the modification you made either casued or contributed to the failure before they could void the warranty "on that part of the bike only" . Unfortunately there are many people at the dealerships that will tell you anything to make a sale on parts or whatever. There are also other who are really ethical in their tratment of customers unfortunately the first seems to be more prevelent than the last. Look around if your local dealer is bending you over and not even sending flowers find another then let him know why your business has gone elsewhre. At this juncture with failure of the american economy your going elsewhere can effect his business..
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    Before I had the tuner done on my sportster (SE pro) I called the dealer and Harley tech support and they both told me that I could do the filter and mufflers without the tuner, but it would cause engine damage eventually. Both told me I would not void my warantee. My dealer told me I could have them install or do the VH tuner myself and they would still do work under warantee.