Tuner vs. Power Commander

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Naya's Dad, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Good Evening All. This is my first post. With all the knowledge I've been seeing on this site, I'm sure my question is a piece of cake. I have V&H slip-ons on my 2009 RKC. I want to add true duals. One Harley dealer told me if I add V&H headers, I simply need to get a SE Stage 1 air filter kit and a super tuner. Another dealer across town told me I need a Power Commander and map. Which is better. Thanks in advance for your advise.
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    All I can tell you about it what I just did. Two days ago, I installed Rinehart slip on's, screaming eagle air intake and the power commander V and man what a difference. Power is unreal, pipes sound great. I installed all of this my self with ease. instructions a very good. I have a 2009 ultra classic. I called Moto Fuel and told them what I wanted and they mapped the power commander V to the pipes and air filter. Give them a call and talk with them, they are very helpful. You jsut have to tell them what you have and waht mods you have done if any. I have no connection with them just know they seem to be first class and offer a great product. I am sure there are others out there but I can't speak for them as I am sure someone else will speak up.:D

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    I would NOT go with the true duels... You will Loose a little low end Grunt... I went with V&H slip-ons BUT Both sides for the big hole mufflers.. I would stick with your exhaust the way you have it now...

    The TFI is used by Many here on the HDT site.. Saves $$ over most other Fueler installs and UN-Leans the bike...

    HD offered Mapps.... HD mapps are Still "way too lean" when tey install them (EPA) after $$$ spent to get your bike to run good.. It will still be TOO Lean

    TFI will do the job right the first time, it is set and forget.... and is easy to install yourself.... simple adjustment, usually the called out adjustment from instructions for the TFI for your bike and it's modifications will work the first time around.(.)

    Do the FULL stage one:

    Your V&H exhaust slip-ons

    HD's SE air

    TFI and be done with the monkey stuff....

    You will be Glad you did.. especially the TFI

    This above is the set-up on my 09 FLHR

  4. Naya's Dad

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    Thanks all for the input. This info has been a great help. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.
  5. ewiltgen

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    If you plan on touring and break down some dealers won't work on it with a power comander. If you use the H-D tuner they don't have a problem. I've heard horror stories of them voiding a waranty because of non H-D parts. Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. glen073

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    Is the TFI a brand name? I here about it quite often on this site. Where can this be purchased?
  7. B-1B_Guy

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    I can't badmouth the TFI because I never owned one. The PCV is $299 from FuelMoto, the TFI is $254 from Doebeck. For an additional $45, you get a MUCH more tunable product w/ the PCV. What I mean is...if you ever do decide to do cams or heads, you can reprogram the PCV. If you add on the autotune, the PCV will tweak any map that is close to your exact configuration. I love my PCV.
  8. xdanman

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    On the Doebeck TFI, you can get a nice millitary discount if you happen to be a vet.. I picked mine up on Ebay for $199 direct from Doebeck.
  9. Denz1023

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    I just installed the TFI tuner yesterday it took about an 1 1/2 hrs to install.
    I have a stage 1 kit and performance slip ons with S&S 510 cams.
    The tuner gave me extra HP and at Highway speeds it seem to run alot smoother and lower my RPMs. And at 0-60 all I can say is wow hang on.
  10. SoCal Rider

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    had the PC III on my last cruiser and going to go with the PC V on my new FLHRC... Loved the impact it had on my last bike and looking forward to getting the new one right ,,, all stock for now :bigsmiley32: