TSM/TSSM Rapid flashing Signals

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    Harley-Davidson wants to assure that dealers are using the
    proper setup procedure for turn signal modules (TSMs) and
    turn signal security modules (TSSMs). This procedure is
    required because motorcycles equipped with a self-calibrating
    TSM/TSSM are designed to work with a variety of turn
    signal light bulbs with different current loads (domestic and
    HDI bulbs have different current requirements). The procedure
    outlined below allows the TSM/TSSM to measure the
    turn signal current draw when all turn signal light bulbs are
    operating properly. This procedure must be re-initiated after
    each time the vehicle’s battery power is removed or interrupted
    so that the TSM/TSSM continues to operate properly.
    When a turn signal light bulb burns out, the TSM/TSSM
    detects the difference in current draw and flashes the turn
    signal/indicator lamp at a rate double that of normal operation,
    informing the operator that a turn signal light bulb is not
    Motorcycles Involved

    All 2001-2002 models except Sportster.

    2000 models that have been equipped with accessory
    Harley-Davidson security systems listed in Table 1.
    Required Dealer Action
    If battery power to the motorcycle is removed or interrupted
    for any reason, the following procedure must be performed to
    ensure the turn signal module continues to operate properly.
    This must be done before delivery of a new or repaired vehicle.
    1. Reconnect battery per service manual procedures.
    2. Turn the ignition switch to the IGN position.
    During the next two steps, observe the turn signals to ensure
    that all bulbs are operating. If you detect a burned out turn
    signal bulb, turn off the ignition switch, replace the bulb and
    disconnect the battery. Then repeat this procedure beginning
    with Step 1.
    3. Actuate the left turn signal. Allow the turn signal bulbs to
    flash at least five times.
    4. Actuate the right turn signal. Allow the turn signal bulbs
    to flash at least five times.
    5. Turn off the ignition switch.