trying my hand at rattle can painting

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by freebyrd, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. freebyrd

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    doing my horn and my air cleaer cover gloss black to match the rest of the bike i i cleaned it up real good then ruffed it up a bit with some steel wool and light sandpaper and shot two coats of primer to start with
  2. YmmitHD

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    post some pics so we can see how it turned out.
  3. Sheepdogmarine

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    It should turn out well.

    I did my golf cart with spray paint and it turned out pretty good. Just have a can of clear ready. I gave it about twenty minutes between coats. Went from four coats of black to 4-5 coats of clear. I had to let it dry for about two days as it became cloudy, which it said it would on the can. Finally all of the cloudiness went away.

    I wet sanded it with 600, then 1000, then 1200, the buffed it and it really turned out nice. I have a friend who paints for a living and said I could not paint it with spray cans so I was on a quest to prove him wrong. It turned out really well for my first paint job. Should be a lot more manageable with smaller parts.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.