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    I am just curious about something here. When I was looking a year ago for a bike,, I ran across a few advertised bikes that were maybe 2,3,4 years old and had no mileage on them,,say 500 to 2000 miles. Now I ended up buying a new 08 RKC and have had it a year and now have around 6500 miles on it. My question here is how easy is it for someone to disconnect the odometer cable on these bikes and still ride to put miles on them? Or do these people for the most part buy a bike and not use it?
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    I don't know how hard it is to disconnect the odometer but there are a lot of low mileage bikes out there.I think a lot of them are people who buy on a whim, thinking that the motorcycle lifestyle looks fun.Then the reality of learning to ride and finding time to ride sets in.The brand new bike isn't so good in the rain or snow.Can't drop the kids off at practice or get groceries with it etc.I bought my 2001 this spring with only 4200 miles on it. :D
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    Some people just buy then and don't ride much. As far as your question, the odometer on the most of the bikes is driven by the VSS which is a sensor that reads off the transmission gear cog in 4th gear. If you disconnect that to keep the speedo/odo from working your ECM will not run the bike properly with functions such as timing , fuel delivery and a few other things too. It is dooable but the bike would run very poorly, hardly worth the effort IMO.
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    A guy at the end of my street bought a new Heritage in '06. At first he rode it around our block every day, then every week, month. I talked to him one day and asked how many miles he had on it he said about 200. He said he's too busy to ride, also too busy to take his boat out, his ATV's, etc. He had a 4+ car detached garage built to keep all his garage jewels in. Oh yea, he also bought a enclosed Pace trailer. You get the idea.
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    I'd have to agree. Folks buy bikes thinking they are going to cruze the world, then reality sets in and slaps them in the face. A buddy of mine just bought a 15 year old Gold Wing with less than 10,000 miles on her.
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    Its not unusual to find a Harley in the UK thats had 200 to 300 miles a year use as some people buy them for the badge and only take them out for a 20 mile plod on a sunny Sunday
    if we get 4 or 5 sunny Sundays a year you dont get a lot of miles run up
    but if you buy one of these need to check the condition of the tyres the tread may be good but the tyre may be rotten

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    Thanks Glider for pointing that out. I always wondered about somebody disconnecting the odometer cable.

    Please tell me that you get more than 4 or 5 sunny Sundays a year!
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    I was at my local dealer just a couple day ago looking at there used bikes and as stated there are a lot of used low mileage bike to be had. What surprised me was how much money in upgrades these bikes have to have so few miles. I guess buying it isn't enough, got to dress it up to let it sit.
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    Last March I bought my 2005 Heritage with 9600 KM (6000 miles) on it. It belonged to a friend of mine who has 4 more motorcycles.There are people who almost do not use thier things
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    I'm the second owner of a 87 FXRC , 1340 evo with just under 31k on the odometer. A few issue's on my end to keep the miles down -- the scoot was broke down for awhile trying to move from one state to another,kids,my job had me traveling a bit and still does, I have a 07 Ultra now with just 16k +/- on her.