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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dcofer, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Have a 94 ultra classic electra glide and am thinking about putting a set of true duels on it. I know it will sound better but was just wondering if there were any real advantages to doing it. The system on it is good and have a set of super trapp's on it now but it does put out a lot of heat on the back of the right leg off the y pipe out of the rear cylender when it is a really hot day and you are stopped. Was also wondering if I would have to make and changes to the fuel or anything if I do change to duel's. The trapps sound good but I think that duel's would seperate the sound and it would sound a lot better. Thinking this may be a good winter job. Also wonder if the super trapp's would slip back on the duel pipes. I really do get a lot of good advice off this site and check it several times a day just to see what new advice I can pick up. You guys rock.:D Oh btw it is a stock bike as far as I know no mods have only had it since July.
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    I have the True Duals and like um .. if you use a kit from B&E or Fullsac you can just eleminate the H pipe and run use the super trapps more than likely .. all the kits are is a new rear cylinder head pipe and a extension piece for front pipe.

    it does away with a lot of the heat i think mine runs better with True Dual .. other say they done

    see my install here ...

    True Dual Install - Harley Davidson Community
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    You will have more torque and when I did mine I could not get over how I could hear the left hand pipe. Took me a fair while to get used to the true dual sound. It is a very pleasing sound I must say.

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    I disagree with the "more torque". You loose the scavenging action in the exhaust system which results in less low speed torque.