True Duals and EFI Tuner what should i get first?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Denz1023, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Denz1023

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    I am 3rd owner of 2000 FLHTCI that the 1st owner installed stage 1 kit and aftermarket slipons. I just had the timing chain replace with gears and added a mild cams.
    Bike runs great but I have been told to upgrade to ture duals and add EFI Tuner to get the max performance out of the cam change. I would love to buy the best but need good and cheap like everyone else.

    Please any advice is greatly welcomed.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Denz1023...Welcome to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. Others will weigh in shortly, but personally I would opt for an EFI tuner first...because I like to control cost and enjoy maximum performance right away.

    TFI by preferred by many and can be had at a discount if you refer to HDT or have been in the military. I also like it as it allows you to optimize what you have, and allows you to adjust the tune on the fly, without need for dealer intervention...a BIG plus.

    Exhaust mods are typically twice as much in cost, $500 to $600 by the time your through, but then it is only a few minor pot adjustments of your TFI and your done! How simple is that...?, less costly and most benefit for the money.
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  3. glider

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    True duals aren't the best choice for performance which seems to be what you're after. They sacrifice some low end torque but they have other benefits such as reduced under-leg heat. The best choice would be a 2 into 1 setup for best performance/power but some don't like that setup on a bagger.
    Most low restriction slip ons that replace the stock mufflers will do the job you are after. Also remember if you go to the true duals that there are many stock mufflers that will not work with the true dual system because of the baffling in the left muffler (mostly the 07 and newer mufflers).

    The TFI is a good choice without breaking the bank and it's easy install and setup.

    Many topics on the TFI as well as a discount post in the self help area.
  4. Iceman24

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    I'm w/glider on this one...drop in the tuner so you can make ug adjustments & fine tune your scoot. Then look at 2-1 systems to bring some pep into the beast. D&D makes a nice set...good luck!
  5. Denz1023

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    Thank you everyone who replied to my post.
    I just ordered a TFI tuner and its on its way. I will look at the 2 to 1 exhaust system over the ture duals to see if its for me. I do not know of anyone who has a bagger that runs that type of exhaust system. But for now I can only afford the TFI.

    Thank You all.
  6. jerrybombard

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    somewhere in my travels I saw a RKC that had 2-1 exhaust with a fake muffler on the left !! I had to actually get on the ground to see the forward (intake side) of the muffler going under the bike, turning to the right and ending capped off under the tranny area! pretty cool setup. Never did get to find out what it was or talk to the owner.
    I'm on of the ones that think a bike should be symetrical, I think BMW boxer motors look silly with 2-1 exhaust, and I think a bagger sould have 2 mufflers, too. That's why this particular system caught my eye.
  7. dcfatboy

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    I think D&D makes a dummy left.
  8. SoCal Rider

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    I am looking to do the same to my 2010 FLHRC,, getting the tuner first is a good move. I am looking at getting the Power Commander V and have been looking at true duals too. I wasn't considering a 2 into 1 just because I really like the look of dual pipes but if I can find a 2 into 1 with a matching dummy pipe I will be all over it,, definitely better performance over duals....
  9. PeteINny

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    I was in the same situation. I ended up buying a Thunder Max auto tune. The unit adjusts to whatever changes you decide to go with. I love the Rineharts so I went with a Rinehart true duel. I am just waiting on my air cleaner to come in. I definately went over budget but I think I made the right choice.