trouble shooting bad vibration!!!!!

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by caseydeuce, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. caseydeuce

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    I have been trying to troubleshoot this bad vibration on my 2001 softail deuce (fuel injected). I have 47,000 miles on it and am afraid it might be something inside the engine.

    I have covered the basic's. the engine mounts don't show any visual issues.
    the frame is not apparently cracked. tires are fairly new.....

    the vibration gets worse as the RPM's get higher. the gas tank raddles real bad, and i can no longer see out of my mirror as i drive.

    What should i take a closer look at?
    What engine components could be a common cause??

    I wanted to add that the bike leaks no oil, does not burn any oil and runs just fine.... what in the world could it be!!!!!!
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  2. Iceman24

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    Wow...alot of things can cause vibration - wheel bearings/weights, wind/buffeting, tire out-of-round etc... Might be time for a indy, or HD service call to see if they can narrow things down??
  3. caseydeuce

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    I have a motorcycle stand and have spun both front and back wheels. bearing are good. the vibration has been going on for a while and now is getting worse. the end of last year i changed both front and back tires hoping that would solve the problem. No such luck...
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Start with the primary chain and clutch hub, is the primary case bolted tight to the motor, how are your riser bushings, any slap in the handle bars
  5. Hoople

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    So your saying the vibration is a function of RPM. That would mean even though you went faster, after you shift and the RPM of the engine falls,,the vibration gets less.

    It would also mean that if you were going 70 mph and the vibration was bad, you could pull in the clutch, let the engine fall to idle and the vibration would almost be Gone.

    Would those be true statements.
  6. HDDon

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    Along the same line as Hoople, does the bike vibrate when you rev the engine in neutral? When your sitting still?
  7. wilks3

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    Crankshaft runout/scissoring issue rearing its ugly head? Sounds like it, hope not.
  8. Hoople

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    I guess anything is possible but I was told by people in the know that the real "crank issues" really began to surface from 2007 and later. That is when the MoCo went to the new press fit cranks.

    At least that is what I have heard from the people in the know.
  9. chester1957

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    2001 still used the timken bearing set up. Pretty strong bottom end.
    I would start inside the primary, then the cam chest.
  10. caseydeuce

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    Yes as it rev's in neutral the vibration is bad. you dont have to be moving to get a bad vibration.

    I stopped into the Harley shop today and they said it is a problem with the fly wheel balancer. NOT GOOD!!!!

    is anyone familiar with this and have any info on the fix. They said you have to split the cases and its expensive. do you have to replace the flywheel ($1200 or can it be fixed some how).

    For someone that might have the same problem....

    tall tale signs..... Leaking gas tank, from the rear bracket where it is welded to the tank
    also i broke off the bracket on my seat post support, basically my coil was bouncing around not attached at all..
    large raddle in the handle bars, ect....

    Any info would be helpfull.. thanks again.