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Trouble removing those reflectors?


I was having a really rough time and my mom actually came up with this little trick, not sure if she read it somewhere or if she just smart, but here goes.
Slice the reflctor off using a strand of dental floss, holding kind of like you do your teeth and gently sawing away. Then soak in W-D-40, it will come clean as a whistle.
Wow dental floss, you just never know what might come in handy, huh? I wonder who first thought this one up, it always amazes me to see how clever people really are!!
I have heard of floss being used to cut brotherh, slice cake or cheesecake and as replacement thread for buttons that fall off a lot, but I have to say this is a new one for me! I think it is great to see these common items put to interesting uses!
it helps slide the between the relector and the frame, works real good too! then wd 40 to remove the left over adheisive!

+1 on WD40, you could spray some in a cup and apply to reflector before trying to remove it, should make it much easier.
Another option...I used my wife's heat gun (crafting) and "carefully" ran it up/down reflector(s). Once I got an edge off - kept applying heat & slowly lifted/pulled reflector off. Left little/no mess and then goo-gone got the rest.