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Trouble Finding Neutral


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A few things that can lead to having trouble finding neutral are as follows.

1. Improper clutch adjustment or cable adjustment.

2. Primary fluid level too high.
It should be premeasured or just up to the bottom of the clutch basket with the bike upright and level.

3. Poor quality trans fluid.
You will see a marked improvement using a gear oil over the dealer installed syn 3 oil.
20/50 oil is motor oil and not the best choice for transmissions.

Some choices here in gear quality oil are...

Spectro platinum 6 Speed oil
Mobil 1 gear oil
Redline shockproof heavy gear oil
Bel ray gear oil
75/90 or 75/140 are both acceptable.
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Would a general purpose 75/90 gear oil work in a tranny? I have some in the shop but am hesitatant to use it. What should I look at in regards to labels, spec etc. I can get gals of this type of gear oil but little of the name brands mentioned above.
Scooter you don't change the trans.that often and it only takes a qt, use the best redline sp or spectro 6 speed, you won't regret it:)
Thanks for the info chopper. I'd love to use those oils you've mentioned but the problem is I can't get those name brands here. I live in ag country where heavy equipment and trucks are in abundance. Gear lube for them is easily found. What should I keep any eye out for if I'm considering what's available here? Thanks cscooter93
You gotta have a auto zone or pep bro's, they sell mobil 1 V-Twin that's for the engine, the moble syn. gear lube should work fine for the trans. but it's simple to order spectro on line. Contact Us - - Motocross Apparel, MX Gear and Offroad accessories , check around the forum using search to see what others are using, but I have seen quite a difference using spectro 6 speed in the trans. plus they make a good primary fluid also or if you have a HD dealer around formula + is fine for the primary. I would think heavy equipment country would have red line around?
cscooter93,I see you are in Manitoba.Your local Canadian tire will carry all of the oils you need,including Mobil1 V-Twin though they are a bit on the pricey side with it.
Thanks STEVE07 I drive past CTC every day. I'll check it out. Chopper I'll check out some of the implement dealers and see about redline too.
Well I checked out CTC and found a gear lube that is GL5 rated. It's a Canadian Tire brand , is red and cost 6.25 per litre. They had Mobil oils too but way to much about $15-$19 per litre.
general purpose 75w90 is o.k.;back in the DAY we didn't have Spectro,Redline or all the Syn products on the market ;but the additives in the trans lubes formulated have extensive R&D for today's machines and are track proven;Valvoline products rock and that's what works for me ;but you have to make your own decisions!!!