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Trivial Pursuit

This was a popular game when I was younger. I liked playing because it challenged my knowledge. I was just curious to see if anyone out there still plays this game.:cool:
I have not played this game in so long. I know that when I go through the game aisles with the kids that they have other versions now (Disney, Warner Bros, 20th century)
My younger sister and my grandmother play this game all the time, and the millionair game. It's fun, because for all the difference in age, they stay neck and neck for most of the game- you never know who'll win.
I like to play the pop culture edition with the DVD part, you still have to use the board and question cards but when you land on the space to get a wedge you have to answer a DVD question.
We have sevral versions of this game. maybe I will dig one out later in the week. I always liked playing it, but we got bored with it and we are super busy at this time of year too so it is hard to make time, but i think I will have us all play, maybe after the kid's hockey game on Friday night!