trip to Arizona from Canada

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by twanster, Dec 8, 2008.

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    looking to rent a bike in Vegas and drive into Arizona and see the sights in Late March early April,was wondering about the weather.I'm flying from Toronto,Canada.
    i heard it can get bad in the north part of Arizona, in the high altitudes,maybe near the Grand canyon.
    Was looking to see the sights with the wife on the back and head to the Sedona area as well.
    Let me know about the weather conditions and places to visit and stay.:)
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    First off Welcome. Great bunch of guys on the site.
    Now on to the fun part.
    Arizona has a tourst guide available at (Arizona travel and vacation guide from the Arizona Office of Tourism
    ) This does a good job of the big points covers north and south rim of the canyon and talkes about the other comercial stuff.
    I would recomend the Painted Desert, the South Rim of the Canyon and Route 66 Stuff. There are a number of Indian reservations and lots of little points of interest on the west side of the state. Looks like Kingman (home to Mother Road HD) is only about 100 miles out of Vegas so that is not a big hop. Kingman area gets you into a lot of the Route 66 Stuff. Grand Canyon is sort of in the middle of the north of the state and the Painted Desert is on the eastern edge of the state. I also really like the run from Flagstaff down into Sedona on Hwy 89 (at least I think it is hwy 89) not the typical desert you expect.
    Some folks from around Az can probably comment more on local riding but it is pretty easy to spend 3 or 4 days just poking around the state.
    I can't comment on camping as a Hampton Inn is camping from my perspective (yes, I am old and I like that whole bed and hot shower thing). But there are a variety of chain and independent hotels across the state. Like you would expect bigger town, more options.
    I don't know how much you ride but in the desert (and you are in the desert) make sure you always carying a couple of bottles of water or Gatoraid and drink them between fuel stops. You can find yourself in some pretty desolate country pretty quickly. Also stop for gas before you need it. Not always preimum available (I carried a bottle of octain boost with me on the west coast runs) Sun screen or a sun shirt are a good idea make sure you get a sport type of sun screen that does not sweat off. On the flip side of the coin, the high desert (Flagstaff) can get pretty cool pretty quick
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    Not sure about the weather in March or April but I suspect that the morning would be cold up near the canyon/Sedona area. I was there the end of October and the mornings were quite chilly, day time temps went up to about 60.

    The previous post mentioned 89 from Flagstaff down to Sedona. Well it's actually 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona but don't just stop in Sedona also stop in Jerome (an old mining town, also on 89a) and visit the Spririt Room for a quick refreshment. From Jerome keep heading south until you hit Prescott. In Prescott you can take you pick of any of the old Saloons on whiskey row. Then from Prescott keep heading south on 89a and you'll come to Wickenburg. Ohhhhhh what a ride. Hope you like mountain roads and a whole lot of twisties.......

    P.S. in between Flagstaff and Sedona check out Oak Creek Canyon..... Pretty impressive.
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    The white Mountains is a very Impressive ride.I am going to do the Coronado trail (Clifton to Gallup) on my vacation. There's a place out of Aztec New Mexico that's called Inscription Rock that is my destination.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    The weather end of mar into april in AZ. high country area should be GREAT(perfect) for a change from YOUR cool temps up in canada...

    I found the best times to do SAFE high country rides** 10am to 4pm are the prime times for the comfort range..... USUALLY warm enough for LIGHT clothing......Can get very cool any time of year in the early-late of day...

    I have found cold temps (frost) in HIGH az.(early morn. late eve.) but your timing is perfect providing NORNAL dry weather is present ....

    OATMAN route 66 west out of KINGMAN is an OLD mining town that is a must see....... In kingman I stay at knights inn @ 30$ a night and it is very CLEAN......

    If you do painted desert, don't forget "standing on the corner in winslow az." I've been there a couple of times just because of the EAGLES song.....

    as mentioned from others above, JUST the canyon ride from Flagstaff down to Sedona is a MUST.....returning back up canyon is worth the double-dip..... visit sedona great but very pricey to stay... cottonwood (15 min) is close by.... 40$ @ little daisy motel...

    I just got excited when you posted about you planned ride....... MY rides are in no particular order and are JUST an addition to the fine suggestions above from others.... my sunsites/cochise stronghold area puts me in a close area of fantastic rides year around..

    I THINK YOUR TIMING IS RIGHT ON!!!! Temps will be comfortable to HOT depending location, time of day.

    long sleeve cover and SUNSCREEN/WATER ** as mentioned : you dry out and de-hydrate very quickly here.... IF YOU ARE THIRSTY you waited TOO long b-4 a drink.


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    I'm Canadian as well.
    I rode from Phoenix thru Flagstaff to Vegas in one day at the very end of April 2008.
    I had to put on my Parka, leather chaps and rain pants to stay warm in places. I wasn't expecting to use the parka until i got to Montana on May 1. Arizona will give you temps between 90 and 20 deg farenheit within an hours ride at that time of year. Remember the higher in altitude you get the colder it will be. Flagstaff area will be colder than in the lower elevations. Sedona is well worth the trip. I would suggest Jerome in the mountains west of Sedona. Jerome is an old hippi/biker town that has a very artsy culture. Just remeber it's at a higher elevation and you'll have to plan your riding carefully to avoid snow.
    Good luck and enjoy your trip.

    Maybe give my BLOG a read from my trip last year.
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    Thanks guys for all the input on my trip.I have a friend who travels every year from California thru Arizona to New mexico.
    He and myself are to sit down over a few beers and discuss where to go and what to see.
    Can't wait to go.
    Thanks and anymore input dosen't hurt.