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  1. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    What are the essentials for a great multi-day road trip? This is purely subjective of course but I’d like to see how everyone travels. How long are you average treks? What do you bring and how do you pack it? Do you camp out or use hotels? Do you cook or eat out? I’m thinking as a minimalist here because there isn’t much room on the SG and Sporty. Only want to bring what is necessary. As an experienced hiker, that’s with an “h”, not a “b”, everything I need is on my back, from first aid, to food, clothing, stove, fuel, tent, and sleeping bag. So lets here how you travel…
  2. threesteps

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    For me........wallet, credit cards, 2 pair of jeans, t-shirts for about 2/3 of the days (buy new ones if washing not available during trip), same deal on underwear, helmet, gloves, pkg of Pledge wipes, kit with tooth brush,etc., rain suit, air pressure guage, jacket if needed, chaps, and a smile on my face.:D
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    Very close to the above. A competent 1st aid and took kit takes up some room. I roll extra clothes tight, saves room. Zip lock bags also work, but often leak and you lose the advantage. I wear same jeans for riding, extra is for dinner etc. Carry small bottles of toiletries. Although I have a tour pack, I can get everything in my saddlebags for a 4 night trip. Jackets and rain gear can be bungied somewhere. I like camping but I'm not a minimalist camper. I stay in hotel/motels.

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    Threesteps & Breeze are spot on, as having a Sporty the minimalist approach with only the essentials works. Use ziplock "freezer bags", they are tougher and don't leak, remove center carbord out of a partial toilet paper roll and put it in a siplock bag., camera w/ fresh batteries and memory stick. clothes, tools, wallet and careful luggage selection, packing with easy on and off access and a plan...your set...

    ENJOY and remember the reason why you are on the long trip. So easy to get side tracked or let some events that happen spoil the ride. I broke down once, yet it was during one of the best rides I ever went on...still remember--the best of times.
  5. ultrat

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    I always have on bike trip or not, small tire pump & tire plug kit. small flashlite, gerber tool on belt.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    And a few tie straps
  7. Wrangler

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    Few tools in the fork bag with mini-flashlight, extra pair of jeans, 2 or 3 t-shirts, same with my boxers and socks. Ride gear is just my vest, chaps, fingerless gloves, Oakley shades and my helmet. Oh and of course the cell phone. You never know:D That is about it. Don't do rain gear. Cannot stand riding in it.

    If camping got a tight rolled sleeping bag I got issued in Iraq and a 2 man tent I'll strap down to the horse. Most of the time its motels for me. Got all the camping/tent living I could stand in the military. I do like to spoil myself from time to time:D
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    Depends on the length of the trip. Always carry first aid kit, some tool stuff, and rain gear. On trips, three days worth of cloths reguardless of the length of the trip.
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    Wrangler - thank you for your service to our great country. I have 2 sons in currently. God Bless!
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    You deserve to spoil youself... thanks for your service and your input...:)