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  1. sadragna

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    when using a wheel chock transporting your bike in a trailer do you have the kick stand up or down?
  2. Rydit

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    Sidestand up, and tranny in neutral. I cannot see what model you have ( on my phone).... but be careful tying to the handlebars on a dresser as you can shift the rubber bar mounts out of position.
  3. brownfoxx1

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    with tie down straps pulling the bike fwd..
    maybr the new self racheting ones.
  4. seadogbrr

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    When using my wheel Dock I leave the kick stand up. I also secure the bike such that the suspension still works

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My bike here is a 09 KING.....

    I use the total locking devices to hold the straps to an Eye Bolt or Eye Hole plate that is of solid steel to trailer frame
    (on front and sides. welded or bolted as a unit)

    I would NEVER trust a J hook... Too easy to come Loose or BEND open... I have seen this many times... once on my bike was enough...

    I don't hook to the handlebars... In a good chock NON Movable and attached properly, (bolted) to the floor of the trailer. Using the HD Ratchet straps they shipped with my bike, Pulling from the crash-bars and forward 45* out to the area front "Y" looking But from each side of bike's crash-bars. (bottom of the bar)

    Pulling from there and Down forward, that bike is NOT going any where. NO way to come loose and will NOT tip over as the chock by itself would hold the bike Upright.

    Make sure the straps are fitted with the NON J style hooks...That IS very important.(mountain climbing gear there,, screw together loops)

    The rear (Again) using the rear safety crash-bars, I loop around ONCE
    (just touching behind the bar NOT full circle) with the strap then straight out to the same style Welded to the frame Eye plate and NON J hooks there also..
    This strap on each side (L.&R.) is just to keep the bike from Bouncing and going sideways.

    I always put down an ADDED piece of Plywood (5/8" or 3/4" X one to two foot wide and 2-3 foot long) Directly centered under the rear tire area of the bike. (screwed to the under floor plywood)

    These bikes weigh a lot and IF they hit enough bumps the will come thru the Normally thin 1/2 or 5/8 single decking.

    Added is Just a Feel Good safety feature Needed on 1/2 inch flooring on My trailer.

    Sorry for the Hard to read post... Best I could do without RE writing it.:newsmile082:

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  6. sadragna

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    i have a 2013 road king classic
  7. dbmg

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    Bike up right and I would rec first gear, so that when you tie down all 4 corners you can compress suspension evenly....
  8. Jack Klarich

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  9. gator508

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    I keep the kickstand down and blocked in an upright position with a couple blocks of wood. Use ratchet straps to put even pull on the bike to keep it upright.
    A funny thing, first time I trailered, the security system kept the lights flashing until I put the fob in the saddlebags.
  10. sadragna

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    I have the soft touch straps use them on the top of the engine guard and where in the back would I use it