Transplant of Inverted forks

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by cacasal, May 14, 2013.

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    I am installing a front end off of a CZ 900 on my 98 Dyna. The triple trees I had custom made with a bit more offset to decrease the trail a bit. This conversion gives me the benefit of floating discs.... inverted front end and adjustments to the suspension. Also a stronger unit that doesn't need a brace.
    My question is: What do I do to convert the Kawasaki (TOKIKO) calipers to Dot 5 ?
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    If you are not rebuilding the calipers and master you need to flush system very good due to Dot 5 wont mix with Dot4. the newer versions of Dot5 are supposed to be compatible with all rubber parts.
    Why do you want to run Dot5? I'm just wondering.
    Its more expensive, boiling point is only 45deg f more then Dot 4, Its harder to bleed and since it is slightly compressible it possibly may give you a slightly softer peddle or lever feel.
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    cacasal..........I sure would like to see a photo/photos when you get finished.