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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Dswartz, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I ride an '02 super glide. I have been looking for a chrome tranny top cover for it. There is an auction on Ebay advertising one. The auction states that the cover fits a '99-'05 dyna. However I am pretty sure Harley had a certain model for 99-00 and a different one for 01-05. The seller clearly states that he is not certain which one this is. However, the part number stamped on the cover is 34471-99b. I tried to look up this number and I couldn't find it anywhere. My gut feeling is that this cover is for a 99-00 but am not sure. I'm not even sure of the real difference between the two covers they both look the same. Does anyone have any experience with this and do you think this cover would fit my bike before I buy it.
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    HD's part number for both series of years is 34469. Not sure if that helps you out, but I couldn't find anything on the 34471. I'd probably venture on the side of caution if the seller can't tell you for sure.
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    I would stay away from it or you may end up with a new paper weight. Sorry.