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    I would love to hear some tips on removing & installing any of these seals. Main drive, 5th gear, jackshaft starter, inner primary, quad and installing the bearing race. Made my own puller to remove the race. Not really wanting to hear you have to buy all these specialty tools. I know you guys are probably sitting on some good tricks. Thanks, any input will be greatly appreciated. (95 Softail)
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    Welcome to the forum.I don't have any tricks but I usually use the old race to tap in the new one.If you have to tap on the race itself,I would suggest using a brass hammer.
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    Hello & thank you. I probably should have been more clear on the bearing race I was talking about. It's the race on the transmission main shaft. If I used one to tap on the other, I think I would have 2 stuck on.
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    The most important thing to remember about installing the main drive gear race into the tranny case is that what ever tool you make must press the bearing in by the OUTER race only. You don`t want to cross load the bearing.

    When you install the main drive gear into that bearing, you want your puller to immobilize against the INNER race as it pulls the drive gear into the bearing.

    I bought the tools from George`s garage, but you could pull the bearing/gear stuff in with a tool made up of long bolt/pipe or sockets, just make sure you don`t cross load the bearings.

    Removal tools cross load the bearing during the removal process, that is why they are tossed into the scrap pile and not re-used.

    I remove the jackshaft seal by driving it out with a drift. Install the new one using a puller made up from a couple of sockets/bolt/nut.

    The big oil seal, I just pry it out with a screwdriver. Install with a mallet and a block of wood.

    The quad seal slides over the main drive gear, no tool needed.

    I use the tool from George`s garage to install the small oil seal that goes in the main drive gear. It also will install the needle bearings into the main drive gear to the correct depth.

    If you are replacing the main drive gear oil seal while the mainshaft is installed, you could fabricate a tool with pvc tube, but don`t wack it too hard, you don`t want to damage the ball bearing.

    Hope some of this makes sense…
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    Hi Dan,

    But how do you remove that small main drive gear seal when the mainshaft is still in. There is less space....One option is to tear down the whole tranny, but I hope there is a more easier way..?

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    Drill a small hole in the seal, screw in a self tapping screw and use the claw end of my crowbar to pull the seal out
    if you have a new seal you'll be able to examine it to see where and how deep you can drill
    make sure you use a centre punch to mark the spot or the drill will skip all over the place
    prior to fitting a new seal make sure you thorough clean the surface the seal bears on i use a tooth brush and some autosol
    seal normally fails due to a build up of dirt and oil mix

    hope this helps