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There has been a few instances where the stock trans dipsticks have been breaking off the cap on 07 and later bikes or being cut through by the sawing of the clutch cable from a bad fit and falling into the transmission on bikes with the cast stick on the underside of the cover, basically the new 6 speeds and older bikes with the cap in the end cover of the trans..

One way around this is to pick up a new trans dipstick for around $15-$20 and take the old one and cut off the dipstick portion. This leaves you with just the cap that you would run on the bike without the dipstick attached.
When you want to check the trans level you can use the new stick and when you are done replace the original cap without the stick on it.

Another way is to make sure of the levels in the trans are OK first , then take a large bolt and place a large washer under the head that is bigger than the opening in the trans fill. Put a nut under the washer and mark the bolt to coincide with the FULL mark and the LOW mark on the stock stick. Use this bolt to check the oil and remove the dipstick portion from the stock dipstick and use it like that after you are done checking the level.

You can well imagine what happens inside the transmission when the dipstick breaks off and is loose in there and the gears are turning.

This is the problematic area and happens on transmissions with the dipstick in the end cover and not in the housings like some of the 96 engines. The early 96 engines had a different problem of the dipstick breaking off the cap itself.


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to all that have posted, THANKS. my 08 electra classic has 5k on it as i just got it. I havent heard of this from anyone. I will check it when I leave the place that i get paid from. DONT CALL IT WORK!
Transmission Dip Stick Road King 2004

Changed my trany oil yesterday on my newly bought RK. When I removed the dipstick i noticed it was worn on a little section and thought that's a bit weird... after reading these threads I realize what's going on. Althought the bike has 23000 miles the stick is coming off tomorrow. I'am taking no chances
Re: Transmission Dip Stick Road King 2004

cut my stick this morning..down the road ill buy one for checkin. or drill & tap shaft & cap use small allthread. attach the two together for checking then unscrew.shaft. a job for a rainy day,,
Re: Transmission Dip Stick Road King 2004

+++Thanks Mr. Data+++ cut my original trans to the "plug-only" model & got my spare ready for future fluid check(s). Mine had rub marks etching into the post so this could've been a problem later down the road...don't check tranny fluid as often as engine if there are no leaks.
This very thing happened to me. Fortunatly the dipstick is made of such cheap metal that the transmission just ate it up. It did require towing the bike home and spending hours with a magnet getting all the eaten up pieces of dipstick out of the transmission though. I would definately reccommend remove this evil dipstick.