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    Hey everyone,

    I am new to the forum so I am not sure exactly how all this stuff works. So bear with me. I actually dont own a bike, but I am part of a university funded project that is building (completely fabricating) a qaurter scale pulling tractor. This year we have decided to use a harley transmission. We found a used transmisison off of a 2005 electraglide. We were also given a clutch off of a 2005 softtail. So my first question is...will the clutch off of the softtail work on the electraglide transmission. If so, does any one know where I can find diagrams of the two parts. Thanks for any help.
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    Welcome Hokies09, too bad they won't let you build a quarter scale Harley instead of a tractor, but none the less I would recomend you picking up a 05 HD service manual that will show how things hook togather. The clutch will work on the transmission.
    Here's a pic of the clutch but a manual would be better for building the complete drive train.