Transmision issue on my 04 Roadglide

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    hello has been a long time since I been on this forum, I have a question and hope someone can help, well I bought my 04 Harley roadglide back on 2011, in 2012 I had a slight accident a driver cut me off I was able to slow down but had to lay the bike down on the motor Guards, my buddy came and picked up the bike nothing was damaged no physical damage. I had to get surgery on my angel, after I was able to go check the bike my friend and I noticed a leak under the primary, ok the mechanic found out it was the seals at the out put of the trans right behind the primary where the shaft of the trans comes out, everything was replaced. here is the kicker so the bike was fix on 2013 about 21/2 to 3 years later the bike started leaking again we tested it out and added dye to the trans and that's where its coming out do to the dye was noticed on the floor, would anyone know or have any idea how to see if its a issue with the trans being bad or maybe something I can change, how can I determined if its a bad shaft anything anyone can come up with, or even maybe know of what the issue is, that would be great I don't have a lot of money have two kids in collage and time are tuff. so for me to just buy a new trans might be a issue, ok thank you all for the help and sorry for the long message.
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    The seal, bearing and race may be bad, or the case could be cracked
    Have a look at the bottom of the case
    Look for drain plug in Tran pan and check level of primary fluid is it over full?
    Check the drain plug on primary
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    Can you use a black light and yellow glasses to look closely at this area to find the dye trail back to the source, shaft seal, and confirm it is from the seal or maybe a small crack close to it.
    If it is the seal than the shaft may be bent.
    If it is a small leak you could add some eather to the oil and give it a few days to see if it helps. Eather will swell the rubber of the seal a small amount.
    We used a product called Motor Purr part #2002
    at our shop for oil leaks, rear and front crank seals, works realy good.
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    Sure it is a good deal
    Wipe it down good first get it hot and have a look
    Pull you derby cover off and look inside