Trans/primary oil for the Sportster?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by gadzooks, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. gadzooks

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    I have an XL883, and I've been reading a lot of great information on this site about good oils to use in the Harleys, however, most of the suggestions deal with other models. Since the Sportster has the shared oil for the transmission & primary, it rules out a lot of options that other folks have found good for their transmissions. What are other Sportster riders using?
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    I own an 05 Sporty XL1200C and have done a lot of research on what's best. I just changed my oil yesterday and plan to do the trans/primary today (as it is unseasonably cold here today). I chose Mobile 1 V-Twin 20/50 oil and Formula+ (HD brand) tranny lub. Based on everything I read, these seem to be the preferred combo. Comments? I'll get back to you after the tranny change and let you know how its working out for me. Ride safe, all!
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