Trans leak into the clutch

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by bikerfishman, May 9, 2010.

  1. bikerfishman

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    Think I allready know the answer to this one but had a friend call me yesterday and he has a chopper all new parts including a ultima 5 speed and a 3" open BDL primary.

    Anyway he put 32 oz. of oil in the trans not 20-24 oz as my book says for a 5 speed and it is leaking oil into the clutch.

    My theroy is that the oil is going though the main shaft and into the clutch since it is over filled, going to have him drain it and put the propper amount in, but just wanted to confirm my theroy.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Your theory is sound, a big difference between "slinging" oil around seals and "submerging" a seal with rotating shaft, which can "pump" that oil past, think of the tolerance of submerged master cylinder pistons/seals in 1/10,000 inch vs tranny gear train bearing/seals more in the 1/10 of 1/1,000 inch and you get the idea.
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    Very good place to start, I would assume this is a dry clutch set up?
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    Didn't you say it was an 'open' primary? If it is open then there is no way the oil can fill up an open space. If it is a closed one. Meaning it has a clutch case around every thing and that is filling up then it is probably the engine seal.
  5. HDDon

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    Isn't there a vent hole at the top of the treans? With that much excess oil it could be escaping out of the vent and the clutch is slinging it around the open primary.
  6. bikerfishman

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    Well here is the deal, its a BDL open belt drive
    And my theory was right that it was leaking out of the main shaft.
    But besides the trans being over filled it had the wrong clutch adjusting screw in it, the one that was in there had a flat on it and BDL's screw is round.
    put the right clutch adjusting screw in there but it still leaks very slightly, so now I think the wrong clutch adusting screw with the flat on it wore the ID of the seal, so time for a new clutch nut.