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    Pulled the trans drain plug on my 2007 Heritage and only got about 4 ounces out. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I guess it could have been low but not that much. Should have been about a quart right? Yes I pulled the dipstick to let air in and no difference. Is there a secret here.

    Found it. The trans plug is between the shocks. The service manual does not show the shocks in the picture.

    I guess I pulled the lower end plug (no o ring). I'm changing the engine oil tomorrow night so that shoud take care of this.
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    On the subject of engine oil sump:: I recently drained mine 'purposely' on my last change. I figure since I have an oil cooler that holds about 4 oz +/- it is best to get all the old oil out that I can. Also, I noticed the sump plug, a little allen plug, was only into the case about 3-4 threads. Put some locktite red on assembly and tightened snug.
    OH YEAH, before starting I removed the plugs and cranked it a bit, just for good measure.
    Just thought I would add this to the thread for general info or comments if any!