TRailering an FLHX

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by johnv50, May 6, 2009.

  1. johnv50

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    I tried putting my FLHX on my trailer last night and could not find any reasonable place to attach the tiedowns. I tried a Canyon Bar Dancer that I had laying around, however that pulled my handlebars down low. Any suggestions??

    thanks johnv50
  2. Knotwillig

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    I had a similar problem a fwew months ago. We trhow a rope over the sadle and another rope thru the front wheel (small holes).

    It did work.
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    Engine guard?
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    I'm glad to see this thread.

    I'll be trucking my new SG down south over Memorial weekend and hadn't given consideration there could be a tie-down issue.

    Guess I need to look this over a little closer.

  5. mopar

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    I use straps with a hook one end and soft strap on the other. I run the soft strap through the frame just above the brace where the reflectors are. I removed the reflectors. On the rear, I attach the straps at the rear pegs.
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    I go from the front crash bar, and the rear floor boards. But I'm anal and I used the e-track on the sides of my trailer in conjunction with a M/C front wheel block, and I don't pull down on the shocks, just keep it from moving.
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    Living in Canada, I trailer my FLHX to the Southwestern USA 3 or 4 times a year (winter) in order to ride.

    My enclosed bike trailer has a wheel chalk which is important for stability. I simply use one set of 2" ratchet SoftTye tie downs PowerTye American Made Tie-Downs,Motorcycle Tie downs,Big Daddy, Soft tie,Ratchet Tie Downs from the floor hook to the crash bars (to keep the bike pulled forward and balanced), and one set of tie downs from the floor hook to the handlebars (grips) to help keep the bike balanced.

    A third set of smaller tie downs connected from the rear footpegs or saddlebag loops to the edge of the trailer floor. This prevents the bike from moving from side to side or favoring the crown of the road.

    The key is to not put too much (if any) downward pressure on the front suspension, this can be done without any noticable compression on the front forks or major pressure on the handlebars. You just want to keep it from moving (as rjvice says in his post) It may take a few times to get it just right but once you get it down, you can securely load the bike in a matter of minutes, and check it at gas stops.

    One last thing, if I am going to leave the bike in the trailer over night at a hotel for example, I will relax the pressure on the tie downs to release any minor pressure that may be on the fork seals.

    Good Luck
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    Just throwing this out there. Looking at running front straps around the forks just above the fender mounting pads. This would allow you to get it good and tight without any pressure on the suspension at all. One thing I have never liked when hooking up higher is that if you keep tension to a minimum so as to not stress suspension and you hit bad enough bump, bike can come down allowing for slack in the straps. Had one come unhooked this way once. Also when bike rebounds, snapping action against the straps adding extra stress. Any thoughts?:unsure
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    I have been wanting to respond to this question from the first day it was posted, first off I don't want to offend anyone, but I have to hope these bikes are not breaking down on long trips and needing to be trailer'd to the next town for repairs. I thought the reason to buy a road bike was to ride it to your destination, are the seats uncomfortable? I have never been on one so I thought they would ride like other flh modles. Our day rides are 350+ and weekend trips are up to 800. End of the month 9 day trip will be over 3200. Again just wondering about the trailering experiance, are you tag team driving to get in 15 plus hrs. on the road to the destination?