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    I am buying a new 2011 Ultra Classic Limited. The sale includes the trailer hitch and wiring harness. I think I'm buying the Kuryakyn set-up. The dealer will not install the hitch due to liability issues. I'm wondering if the wiring harness will have directions as to which wires to tap into, etc. The bike is also getting the Run, Brake, Turn module installed. Will this interfere with having the trailer wires hooked up? Anyone having a trailer-I would love to see your rig all hooked up. Thanks.

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    Some help here but Not the Kind you need to answer your questions..

    Just some insight;
    The HD shops have been really Negative on Hooking trailer pulling devices to HD's..
    I would Also wonder and have Heard a few saying that HD and their HD shop would Not warranty the tyranny in the bike that has a trailer hitch on it...

    No truth do I know,,, JUST TALK from other riders..

    So I would Just say "Careful" and talk to your Dealer to see what they feel and How the warranty WILL BE affected by the install...

    I know they all want to sell the hitch and components but No liability do they want on their shoulders.. I can see the Reason...

    I'm just giving You a heads up from Me and JUST THAT...

    I'm not one for RUMORS so Please PM or POST if you would,,, When you find out How they are going to Treat You and your warranty Please... Thanks

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    If you go to Kuryakyn's website you'll find the hitch and wiring installation instructions.

    For pictures of Harleys with hitches installed try they have some pics of Harley's with trailers (not kuryakyn mind you).

    I recommend your trailer have LED lighting to keep the electrical load low on your Ultra. The swivel hitch is nice on the trailer as well. I have a small 14 cu.ft. trailer w/ LED lighting that I'd pulled with the Gwing I had previous to my Ultra. Never really noticed it behind me.

    Some H-D dealerships can get ignorant with you if they see the hitch. As H-D of Winnipeg told one of their customers who ran into that problem in Texas, "Just take it to a dealer that wants to make money".

    And congrats on the new ride.:bigsmiley12:
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