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  1. quiticokid

    quiticokid Member

    I live up in Wisconsin, and am contemplating buying a trailer so that I can take some trips south in the winter and do some riding. I am looking for recomendations as to what size to buy. Also any brand name to purchase or not to purchase.
  2. Wayne R

    Wayne R Active Member

    I have a 7x12 foot landscape trailer and I put a Road King and a Ultra Classic on it side by side, but it's tight my next trailer I will go with a 8x12foot just to make it a little easier.
  3. martillo

    martillo Active Member

    I agree with Wayne R 8 feet wide interior width at least 16 feet long. I have a 7 foot and the bikes need to be staggered and the tie downs still interfere with each other. I would also suggest a low profile, enclosed yrailer.
  4. mnultra

    mnultra Active Member

    Get in touch with Steve07. He has a ton of knowledge on trailers.
  5. 06rdking

    06rdking Banned

    I have a 21 ft doolittle cargo trailer with a 16 1/2 ft box 8ft wide can haul 4 big bikes and coolers, gear and tools . put the condor bike stands in it and E track on the floor and the walls for tying them down pulls like a small fishing boat. used a 1 ton passenger van and the trailer and hauled 4 rd kings and 4 couples to sturgis last june for a week and a half of sight seeing. had a blast!
  6. SirDimsdale

    SirDimsdale Active Member

    Saw these guy's at Biketoberfest this year and was very impressed. In fact bought one and took it right off the show floor.

    Rocket Motorcycle Trailers
  7. 173ABN

    173ABN Active Member

    If you don't need it inclosed I would recomend a Kendon I just bought one and am very pleased. It is very easy to store when not in use. Found mine on craigslist
  8. cambridgehd

    cambridgehd Member

    if the trailers that Steve7 doesnt suit you , I'm fixin to go with a Aluma 8x14 enclosed unit , I have met several bikers here in Minny that really like the deal they got. Nice looking trailers and set up nice for bikes. V nose fronts cut down on drag and the trailers are all aluminum ,so they can be pulled with just about anything. Test pulled one my Dads neighbors with the wifes Ford Escape, and it pulled quite well with 2 flstc's aboard, thank you.
  9. Riviera Reg

    Riviera Reg Member

    I have owned Wells Cargo motorcycle trailers for 14 years now, and really like them.

    Being from Canada, we load up the H-D`s and trailer them down to the Southern United States (Arizona & California) to ride during the winter months.

    Here`s the link to Wells Cargo Motorcycle Trailers, I think they have a good dealer network throughout the states.

    Wells Cargo ME Series Gallery - Wells Cargo Corporation
  10. bubbacraft

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    Haulmark Trailers - Cargo Trailers - Bumper Pull Trailers - KD 7' Wide Bumper Pull Trailer

    This is the one I bought it has a 4 foot wide ramp that stores in the bottom at the back. I wanted the tandem wheels for a soft ride. Be aware that it is a heavy pull, I use a Ford f250 diesel to haul it around but you know it's back there. The good news we put up hanger clips on both sides, locked down a tool box and a cooler and we can still fit four bikes in if need be. Take a look at the Condor motorcycle stand they will secure your ride. We back the bikes in, lock them down and drive them out.

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