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    Been hearing some info that may interest those with Sportsters. Harley has a program that you can trade up to a big twin and get your purchase price back on the sportster.
    Anybody who owns an 07', 08', 09' Harley Sportster can trade their bike in at the dealer they bought it from for the amount they paid for it (MSRP) toward a new 09' Harley big twin model in stock, no special orders. It will be advertised on the Harley-Davidson site and dealerships can opt in or out of this promo.


    Purchasers of new Sportsters between Dec 26 - Feb 28 2009 will be able to own the bike for one full year and then trade in with the same offer.

    The whole incentive is to get Sportster owners to move up to a Big Twin and help dealers move their floor inventory. The promotion does not apply to any bikes on trade except 07-09 Sportsters.

    Dealers can opt in or out of the program. Another clever marketing scheme from the MOCO.
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    Now if GM could get on the bandwagon,an Astra for a fully loaded quad cab Dually:newsmile018:
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    They're gonna get you on one end or the other. This sounds great but I'm willing to bet they won't negotiate at all on the price of the shiny, new big twin you'll be taking home. It's all a numbers game and you'd better have done your homework (value of your current bike, MSRP/invoice of the one you want) before you set foot in the dealership.
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    When you get to the point of walking to the other end of the house and when you get there, you forgot why you went there....that's OLD! LOL
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    They did that years ago when the 883 first came out. You could buy one, ride it for a year, and trade up, getting your full purchase price back on the deal.

    I remember at the time there were some instances of people riding the crap out of the 883's because they figured to trade it after a year, and Harley even refusing to go along with some of them due to "excessive wear". But that just could have been unfounded rumor spread by me.

    I don't remember where I saw it (might have been on this very forum), but someone noted that "if you can't find your glasses, don't worry, that happens to everyone. If you can't remember whether or not you wear glasses, you may be in trouble."
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    There is always the sophomore philosophy
    The more you study themore you know,
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    So Why Study??
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    I got the call yesterday from my dealer. I can trade my sporty in for purchase price minus freight, tax and any accessories that I added. I think NOT!!
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    Anybody thinking about this deal, make sure you know the price of the bike you are thinking about before heading to the dealer.
    With the full MSRP being offered on a used bike, the difference in used prices and MSRP on your trade in HAS to be made up somewhere and I doubt the dealer is going to take it on the chin, likewise the MOCO.
    Also check the numbers on the paperwork carefully before signing on the dotted line. :s


    Check out the prices on the new bikes here first.

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    my husband got the call as well, and feels it could be aheck of a deal,my sportster, you could eat off of, and has 4000. miles on it. there willing to give me full price for what i paid, and trade up with maybe a little more out of my husband's pocket of course lol! we are going to visit the dealer tomorrow. might be a very merry christmas for me.
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    HDGal, if ya do trade it in....what are ya planning on gettin next?