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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hd4evr, Jun 5, 2010.

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    I have a 2007 SuperGlide. My local dealer has a 2006 ElectraGlide Classic with 25,000 miles, looks to be in excellent condition, and he'll give me a one year warranty on it. He wants $12,600 for it, or my bike and $6,000 OTD. What do you think? Do the 2006 engines have any problems, and is that mileage something to be concerned with? Thanks!
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    That year EGC still has the spring-loaded tensioners on the cam chains unless someone has already up-graded to the hydraulics tensioners or the gear drive. That is the BIGGEST concern for a pre-2007 TC (except for the Dynas that were up-graded in '06 by HD). Next worry would be runout in the pinion shaft. But you would probably feel that on the test ride as EXCESSIVE vibration or even noise.

    All the other stuff would just be a visual inspection, possible a compression test, check for oil smoke from the exhaust, etc.

    Make YOUR best deal. Dealerships are still struggling, so negotiate hard. Remember, you have a bike. You really DON'T NEED to trade. Take that attitude in with you, wring your hands about the spring loaded tensioner concern and see what happens.


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    Being as there will "always" be good deals, the real question boils down to what you are looking for...more comfort for two-up riding, storage or performance? That is really the driver, TQ has you covered regarding the mechanicals...but buying is more an emotional thing than simple finance...ask RichardS...:guitar
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    BTW, he's giving me (supposedly) $7500 for my bike, which I thought was way low, but trying to sell a bike (myself) around my area is next to impossible right now.
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    I also have an FXDC and have been trying to decide if I want to move up to a Softail classic for two up riding. When I ran the numbers at our local shop they were only willing to give me 8400 for my 2009 model with a little over 1K miles. Of course, this area being a climate where you can ride almost all year round they have several people who are willing to pay the money as long as they can get financed no matter what the bottom line is. Ask the dealer to show you the NADA number they go by for your bike.(usually black book) Have you discussed the maintenance records with the dealer to see what has been accomplished in the past? As others have stated, go in with an attitude that you already have a ride and the upgrade is only a desire not a need depending on your situation. NADA average retail is 12,095. NADA average retail for your bike is 7,775 so 6K is the business deal. Good luck and I hope you get the ride and situation you desire.
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    Good Gawd! $7500 for an 07 Superglide? That dealer needs a mask! Where are you located. I swapped my 07 Superglide Custom in for my 07 Ultra and the dealer actually gave me MORE for trade than what I paid for the Superglide a year earlier. I know you're going from a cruiser to a bagger but your also going DOWN a year and by doing so, giving up the 96" motor and the 6-speed tranny, not to mention the mileage. I'd look around. An 07 Superglide is drawing around $10K here in Jacksonville, FL right now on Craigslist. If you're around here, PM me and let me intro you to my dealership and see what they can do for you. They are REALLY looking for good trades and are paying top dollar to get them.