Trade In Value for a 2007 Road King?

Discussion in 'Bikes For Sale' started by jimmyotto, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. jimmyotto

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    07 road king trade in value 60000 miles
  2. tourbox

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    Welcome from So. Texas. I guess you're asking what is the trade in value of your '07 RK?
    Well in looking at NADA book retail it is 8,500-11,500, roughly. Trade in is probably a lot less.
  3. dbmg

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    My 2008 EG Standard when trying to trade in last year on a new Road Glide,
    I was quoted at best $7,000.000.:17:
  4. doctor727

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    $7,000.000 !!!WOW I would have held on to it as well.
  5. Nikko684

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    Trade values will always be MUCH less than retail. Also, NADA is not what dealers go off of when determining trade value. Dealerships have their own values books. It also takes into account what they could buy that same model for in a wholesale auction such as Manheim Auto Auction. I know this because I used to sell used cars before the army, and because my dad sold cars for nearly 20 years, and we did a lot of business with the Motorcycle dealerships.
    Here's a thought; I saw a 2010 RK on Manheim a few weeks ago and asking price was only 6500. It's crazy, but its unfortunately business.
    _OH! and also, dealers take into account the demand in your area for your specific year and model. If that helps.
  6. glider

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    Kelley blue book has it listed for Good Condition $9,100 as trade in.

    Retail is $12,375 but they always seem to have their own book that is much less than any other book. Sell it privately.
  7. Jack Klarich

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  8. glazier

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    if you sell the bike privately and then go buy another bike, you will have to pay sales tax on the full amount of the new bike. if you trade in your old bike, you don't pay sales tax on the amount of the trade in value. so ask yourself if it's worth the hassle of selling it privately as compared to the tax savings of just trading it in. here in texas the tax rate is 6.25%, so if you figure that on a $7,000 trade in, you'll save $437.50 on sales tax. you'd have to get at least $7,500 selling it privately to make it worth while, but then figure in the time to do it, people saying they're coming to look at it and never show up, wanting you to finance it, hold it for 2 weeks till they get the money together, and then you never hear from them again, joy riders, etc etc.
    good luck.
  9. jamesearl

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    kelly blue book allows about 4,000 a year as average.Whereas cars are allowed 15,000. so 60k may not even get you a good condition call.
  10. Notgrownup

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    im with glazier. its a hassle selling it privately unless you got all the time (and patience) in the world. if you're ready for a new ride, trade and take it on the chin. the pain went away quickly the first mile on the new scooter...