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    I swapped my factory rocker boxes out today for these TP pro vent rocker boxes. They are nice! Super chrome finish. It turned out to be an all day job, a lot of time looking for tools that I could squeeze into no spaces. Couldn't use a torque wrench on all the bolts because of clearance between frame and engine. They are a complete change from the Harley boxes. The one big change is that the rocker shaft stanchons are milled into the box, not a seperate bolt on like Harleys, and they use ''O'' ring gaskets around the perimeter and the decompression chimney and the screws that hold the top cover on.
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    Hello. Nice to hear they worked out well.

    Why did you switch to these? I had thought about switching to help with the oil that sometimes blows out of my air filter. The weird thing about mine is it only seems to do it when it is really cold, it is not a problem now.

    I was just wondering if they helped out with the oil drips.


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    My reason was that they were chrome. Mine were not. I have never had a problem with oil drip. People with high lift cams use them also. They are a very nice looking peice. They also muffle valve train noise because of the thicker material. I got mine on eBay for $200 shipping included. If you are not good with wrenches don't do it yourself. Because of lack of room you will need a good assortment of allen bits and wrenches, but it is not rocket science so if your not afraid to tackle it do it, it is good experience
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    I do have a slow leak on the rear at the jug-rocker box interface. So one of these days ...