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touring oz down under


If you are looking for a tour try Australia i thave done some big trips like from sunshine coast Queensland to ayers rock and back 8000 KM.
You go trough the out back see places like cobar where the film set of mad max is.
Mccinley where you can have beer in the croc dundie pub.
Ride in the Northen Terroity were there is no speed limt to late that has just changed to 130 km hr .See ayers rock the biggest monolith here you can walk up it but i perferd to ride around it iam a bit fat ya know.
If ya want some tips on oz drop a note.
9 Days to go befor I pick up my new ride...

Looking forward to cruising the Great Ocean Road, The Dandenong ranges & The Grampians. There are so many great rides here in Victoria...