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    Hey Guys, I just did a Tour-Pak rebuild on a late 80's early 90's Tour-Pak for my Road King. I was not able to find a lot of information online about the rebuild but I have found a few resources that helped me out a lot and a parts supplier out of Florida that hand makes many replacement parts that are much better quality than HD. I was just going to post some pictures and some info in case any one else may be or planning on rebuilding one.

    The Guy that makes the hardware has a store on called tombuyandsell. He was a great help. He had never seen the locking hardware that was on mine so I sent him all of the pieces and he hand made all the parts out of stainless and key the lock for me. He makes billet parts for the tether (it was the hinge before) and he takes the stock harley latches and throws away the plastic spacer and makes it billet alumn. He also replaces the stock harley hinges and puts a much better quality and tighter fit pivot rod.

    I purchased the LED light kit and smoke covers from the internet. Just used the Harley accessories plug and just found some marine electrical plugs to make it easy to take on and off.

    I got the paint code from a forum on HDTAlking

    Got the Emblem from ebay. I is the aluminum tank emblem from a Night Train I beleive

    Found a used seat back off of ebay with a small tear in it that I was able to patch easily.

    Any one doing this kind of rebuild please feel free to ask! I will post more pictures later.

    Here are some more Pictures.

    Here is a slide show you can look through some more pictures, enjoy!

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    Looks good. I've rebuilt a couple of wrecks, but bought new tour paks. Didn't think about rebuilding them. Good idea if it didn't take a lot of time and money.
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    Well the time was something I had because I did not need the pak to ride. I guess the biggest money saver is finding a used pak in structurly sound condition. I watched craigslist for almost a year before I found this one ($200). All in all I have about $500 in it total (not counting my time) so if you consider the color match that saved me a little and I learned a lot on the project so for me it was worth it.
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    Looks really good. I did the same for my RK and used detach rack. I didn't think I would use the tour pak except on trips. I put it on 3 years ago and have had it off once. It is the handiest thing ever. I forgot how handy it was on my UC. Good job. ENJOY!
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    Dustin, ya know that is the exact same thing that has happened to me. I have never really cared for the tour pak look so I at least made mine look different, but I only bought it so that I would have lockable and large storage on long rides. Mine has come off only to clean then to go right back on! I do not have the quick release because I already had a luggage rack that fit the bottom so I riveted Zeus style fasteners to the rack and made a steel brace plate to support the inside and it just locks to the luggage rack with 4 fasteners and washers. I do like the quick disconnect system that Harley has.