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Tour Pak Locks


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I just ordered a complete set of Tour-Pak locks for saddlebags and the top-box from Inertia wrx.

Their web site seems to indicate a relativley pain free installation, does anyone have experience of fitting these locks.
With the flexibility of the bags themselves, IMO it gives you a false sense of security thinking nothing can be taken from the bag when it's locked. Look at movement in the rear of the lid of this bag when they demonstrate the lock after they place the helmet on the locking system and this was by the manufacturer of the lock so I'm sure they didn't want to tug too hard and look bad. Anyone wishing to remove something from the soft bags like on yours and my bike could still do so with the bag locked by just forcing up the rear of the bag lid. They bend/break quite easily. Now IF they had a mechanism on the rear of the bag also, then it would be a better idea.
JMO - Don't mean to talk down the product.

InertiaWRX :: Leather Motorcycle Saddlebag Locks
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Thanks Glider, I value your opinion. I understand that nothing can really make these units "thief-proof" however, I view them more as a deterrent. An opportunistic thief would try to open the saddlebags without being too conspicuous. So any sort of resistance should (in theory) make him (or her) move on to something easier.
hi i;m new, but happy to have read your post.I am trying to decide what lock to put on my new tour pak for my heritage.I saw a pak with a hing clasp lock on it and it did not look bad and it really tells people that the pak is locked.I like the HD lock,but the price is a little much.The hing clasp lock is chrome,the lock is part of the hing, you can see them at ORCHARD SUPPLY,FOR $7.00.i LOOKED AT THE LOCKS YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT,BUT WAS NOT THAT i;m still not sure what to do. leon
Still have the lock for the tour pak lock (still in the box):D I did fit the wrx locks on the saddlebags and they are really good, although to be honest, I don't think I really needed them. It's more of a psycological comfort as they are there purely as a deterrent.