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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 2manycats, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    I was thinking about putting a trunk on my 2010 FLSTC, and about had kittens when I saw the $$$$ that Harley wants for their stuff. With the rack, side plates, docking kit, I'd be poorer to the tune of about $300-without even buying the trunk yet-$600 up.
    Has anyone tried Khrome Werks (#830-872) luggage rack for a Softail? It just mounts on the rear seat bolt and the license holder. Seems like a not-too-bad deal since it costs about $100, and a DB trunk can be had for about $150.
    Anyone had any experience with this stuff? Good? Junk? Or maybe you have experience with another set-up that worked for you.
    I've been kicking this around for a couple months on and off, and now I just have info overload.
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    I ran through the same thought process before adding a detachable tour pack to my Street Glide. Saw many packs on Ebay for under a third of the cost of the HD set up. Let me say this - the HD stuff looks great, fits perfect, and was well worth the $1100 I spent, including the docking hardware and the top luggage rack. Once installed, the HD accessories look like an original part of the bike, not a cheap add on. Also probably get more back at resale time going with actual HD parts.
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    Mine's a 2008 FLSTC, and I added only a rack to existing sissy bar. No docking kit, so it's not removable, but then no one else is gonna remove it either. Then added a 14 inch bag from Iron Riders Luggage. Not leather but it serves the purpose and I feel it looks just fine. Got around $200 in it total. Just take your time and see what's out there before you buy. And I also thought the matching tour pack was a little pricey and we didn't like the back support it gave the wife. She liked the classic bucket backrest, so that's what we put on it.
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