Tour-Pak Brake Light Conversion Troubles

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Dano61, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Dano61

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    I purchased the Tour-Pak Brake Light, Running Light, & Turn Signal Conversion Kit for my 2008 Ultra. I installed all parts in accordance with the enclosed instructions and triple checked the install against the instructions to ensure everything is correct. Here's the problem.....when I turn on the right blinker, the left tour-pak light blinks and the module makes a strange hissing sound and vice-versa. I called the local HD shop and they told me to bring it in. I don't know what they could possibly do that I haven't done unless it is outside of the accompanying installation instructions.

    Any ideas or helpful hints?
  2. 09blueflhtcu

    09blueflhtcu Banned

    I put the same thing in my ultra classic and so did my brother I did mine and he did his we live a couple hundred miles from each other and neither one had a problem worked perfect first time. I'd check one more time and make sure what is suppost to be pluged in is and what is suppost to be unpluged is and you don't have something backwards
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Wires are reversed, is all I can think of to cause this, switch the wires and try again:s
  4. gusotto

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    Already have the brake/running light module combo from Harley on the bike.

    If I add the Tour-Pak Light Conversion, can I remove the existing module from under the seat on mu '07 Ultra?

    Pictures look as if there is a module in the conversion kit.
  5. cheap80z28

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    do you have the panacea lights hooked up with that? I wanted to do this but was told it wasn't compatable
  6. jimharvey1

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    Has anyone tried the new LED turns from the MoCo? They look pretty sharp.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PN 68128-10 PN 68411-10

    This is the description for the rear set:

    LED Turn Signals with Bar & Shield Logo - Rear
    Beautiful signature light for models with Flat Lens turn signals. These Turn Signals feature fast acting, extra bright LED's set in a low-profile die-cast chrome housings. In the front, the lights function as a running light and directional indicator. In the rear, the lights function as a running light, brake light and directional indicator. The front amber lights are available in your choice of smoked or amber lens, and the red rear lights are offered with either smoked or red lens. Installation does not require installation of a "control box" or load equalizer, and the turn signals attach directly to existing wiring without cutting or splicing. Featuring pillow-style optics, a horizontal chrome band, and a Bar & Shield medallion, these signals are the perfect match for the available LED Tail Lamps. (Available September 2010.)
  7. glimmerman

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    gusotto- i put a stop turn module on my rk then hooked up a tour pak and used a trailer wiring harness to get the tour pak lights to work. fried the stop turn module in no time. they aren't made for so much current draw. that was in 07. might have changed since then.
  8. ultradoc

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    sounds to me that the wires got reversed.
  9. gusotto

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    Thanks glimmerman....
    Makes me wary about using the existing stop/turn module.
    Maybe I'll spring for the kit.
    I have an '07.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Gusotto, if you stick with the stock incadescent lighting system, use the HD kit as specified. If you are thinking of upgrading to LED or "exotic" lighting, use the EXACT module the supplier recommends, better safe than sorry...! :s