Tough Decision - Leave Stock or Stage 2?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by flh canuck, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. flh canuck

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    Having a tough time making a decision on this one.

    My 08 Electraglide Classic engine is the stock 96" with exception of Stage 1 air cleaner kit, screamin eagle fatshotz, Stage 1 ecm download and oil cooler.

    Runs perfect, hasn't missed a beat or had a single mechanical issue in 36,000 kilometers.

    Reasons for going with Stage 2 (103" with SE255 cams)

    -Was a professional mechanic for many years, am still a gear-head and of course have an overwhelming need to make everything I own go faster...

    -Motorcycle runs great but is a bit sluggish when riding two-up, loaded with gear and running at 70 plus miles an hour (mandatory to stay with traffic whenever travelling south of the border). More power would be welcome.

    -Only thing on the planet that sounds better than a nicely tuned Harley with a decent set of cams is perhaps maybe a Pratt-Whitney R-2800 radial engine (of Corsair fame).

    -Prices are really reasonable (especially with Canuck dollar at par). Looking at $1250 for Stage 2 kit and SE Super Tuner from American supplier on-line.

    -Can do all labour myself and this would give me one more reason to hang out in garage drinking beer.:D

    Reasons for not going with Stage 2 (103" with SE255 cams)

    -Runs perfect, hasn't missed a beat or had a single mechanical issue in 36,000 kilometers.

    -Don't absolutely need more power. Current configuration has plenty of power for 90% of riding situations.

    -Potentially more stress on rest of powertrain and possible reduction in long term reliability.

    -Is a shame to crack open perfectly reliable solid engine that runs quiet and has never had so much as an oil weep anywhere.

    -Upgrade could run as much as $2000 by the time I'm done as would probably have heads machined for compression releases and need to pay for some dyno time once assembled.

    -If I decide to sell or trade motorcylce in two years from now, unlikely that I will see any return for extra $ spent on mods. In fact bone stock bikes are usually worth more down the road...

    -Can always find another reason to hang out in garage drinking beer.:D

    What are your thoughts?

    Soooo, just looking for advice or suggestions from others who have gone down this same road and wondering if anyone has had any issues or regrets after doing these mods?
  2. elkhunter149

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    I have struggled with this since I put a sidecar on my 08 roadking. IF I were to do the 103, I would be sure and have the heads flowed. That may be all the 08's really need.
    Thus far I have decided to leave mine alone, and will prob:newsmile078:bally just end up having the heads flowed.
    Rehinhart true duals, SE turner, high flow air set up now,
  3. jimharvey1

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    9 say you're pretty happy with the motor you have right now. It doesn't leak a drop and pretty much does whatever you want it to do. I'm a gearhead at heart too and can relate to the sound of the R2800 (I used to be a U. S. Navy ADR) but kinda preferred the sound of the R1820, myself. Personally, some words of advice that my Dad gave me come to mind when he came home and found me standing in front of a totally torn down carburetor off Mom's 1972 Belair..."Son, if it ain't broke...DON'T FIX IT!" Go buy some bling and let that twin-cam do its job as is. Now if something goes wrong with it and it has to come out of the frame for REPAIR, all restraints are off. A 103" kit with cams is a sweet upgrade but not sweet enough to make me want to pull apart a perfectly good motor.
  4. TQuentin1

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    Can you get what you want with a different set of cams that will give you more torque and a fueler that will allow you to add a bit more fuel? Would give you SOME gearhead action and may solve your performance issues without having to disturb the top end and jugs. Opening up the cam chest is no biggie, and you could change out the inner roller bearings for the Torringtons.

    Just an alternative.


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    I agree with Jim and Tank...leave her be if she is running fine now! Just don't believe in cracking open the cam chest or major surgury unless it is necessary.

    Maybe in the future you can take on the "PROJECT"...then do a full job like TQ says installing long life parts to improve endurance as well as performance.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    If it aint broke dont fix it JMO too many spend money and dont get the results they really wanted and then there is no going back JMO
  7. dbmg

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    Its been said there is 10 horsepower at your left foot. Just downshift a gear and run rpm's up a little higher before shifting....
    Won't cost you a dime.:s
  8. legnd

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    I did the 103 kit at 107.000 klms,66.000 miles, on my 09 road glide it is worth the money for me , I have 50.000 ks , 31.000 miles since. I maybe would have done it right out of the box had I known.
  9. ZZroadking

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    Hey legnd, you been a busy rider!! I figure about 2.5 hrs a day for the last 800 days? Where/what have you been doing? Just curious.:hii
  10. Slapp

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    I say leave it alone, to many rush out and change things that realy do not need change. I would wait till the engine needs the rebuild, that way you get twice the ride for the money. I figure I should get right about 90-100 thousand out of my stock 96 (with stage one) providing I take good care of her (which I do). During that time I am saving the pennies (actually saving the pennies, once bought a swimming pool with them) so when she needs the rebuild she will get a complete make over as well. Streched bags, new exhaust, new gages the whole works. Till that time I am just going to enjoy her the way she is.