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Torx Bits And Servicing


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Torx bit sets usually do not include the #27 torx bits in the set.
Usually any good/big hardware store will carry them seperately. Sears does not include them in the sets either. You'll need mostly #25 and #27 for the service items.
Other sizes come in the kits that you'll need. Don't mistake the #27 tork head and use a #25 in it. It will fit a bit loose and you will strip the bolt head.
They are very easy for some to mistake.
I buy the #27 in my local true value store as just the bit itself and use a dab of epoxy to set them in a spare socket so I am ready to go.
I have one in a 1/4 inch drive socket and one in a 3/8 drive socket and a few spares.

What I find works well is to take the torx bits and put them on a grinding wheel on the side of the wheel to get a flat end on them instead of the slightly rounded end. They seem to seat deeper and better into the bolt head and not strip as fast this way if you have a real tight bolt to remove.

If you strip a bolt head, refer to this post for removal...

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