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Torque Wrench Suggestions


BOT Machine
I've seen a few people asking which torque wrench would be suggested for working on my bike, this information may be of help to some, they are sears units and a good value for the dollar.

Here's what I have

TOOL # 8000733592- 1/2 inch drive- 25-250 FOOT lbs- $109.99- MODEL #944597 Digital unit, real nice to work with.

Tool # 4030681248- 3/8 inch drive-20-150 FOOT lbs. - $74.99- MODEL #944595
Both made by craftsman, good units, both are the clicker types

Tool- 3/8 inch drive- 25-250 INCH pounds- $74.99 -Model #944593

Don't forget to get the case to protect them.

If you need inch pounds , there are 12 Inch pounds in 1 foot pound.

Also the #27 torx bit usually does not come in the sets and must be purchased seperately, but is used very much on the harleys. Don't make the mistake of using a #25 torx as it will only strip out the bolt heads
Hey Mr. Data, "THANKS" for the info. I was just getting ready to go to Sears and look into torque wrenches. UR a "big" help!! take it easy, HI-Tek Rednek
Hi Mr. Data,
Thanks for that list of torque wrenches for H-D. That's exactly the info I was looking for as well. Great stuff.:D