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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by hjacobson1, Jan 30, 2009.

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    As an owner of a 2007 Nightster, I am as interested in adding trinkets and bling as the next guy. Now naturally this all comes at a cost and certainly HD does apply. (Hundert Dollars)

    I'm looking in the 2009 P&A book and see some great looking satin black mufflers, and as I contemplate spending my allowance, I do a foolish thing and start looking at the torque and hp curves in the chart next to the item in the book (pg516).

    This chart shows that the stock 1200 develops about 62 ft/lbs of torque @ about 4,000 rpm. Looks a little low to me, so I go to the website and check the specs, only to see 79 ft/lbs as claimed on the Nightster 1200.

    Now, understand that I would only be buying the satin black mufflers for the looks, but I am sure there are more than a few folks out there that are trying to make as ponies and foot pounds of torque as they possible can from this 1200 motor and the difference showing from P&A catalog to website can really leave on wondering.

    Has anyone out there put a stock 1200 on a certified dyno to see what "stock" really is?
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    The graphs in the book are computer generated and you shouldn't put too much stock in them.
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    As with most products, you get one set of numbers from the engineers, and another set from the sales dept., be it Harleys,cars,aircraft,boats or what ever......