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    Anyone switch out the stock tree on there street bob for another one that will accept risers? I am interested in going to drag bars and found a top tree from HD zanottis, for a reasonable price, does anyone know if this is a straight swap or are the other parts needed???Any advice would be helpful and/or pics of bobs with drag bars~Thank you
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    This is a huge undertaking! All new cables and re-wiring everything from the main hub and I haven't even touched on a new top triple tree. I would 100% suggest an owners manual and if you aren't that mechanical, find someone. Also you have to be sure of the correct tube size and rake angle are exactly the same as your lower. I did all mine (EDIT) over the winter! I found a 2007 streetbob top triple tree on ebay and then made the bars and risers.

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    Look at loner industries for there risers that fit the Street Bob tree.