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Top Ten Pre Ride Tip Video


BOT Machine
Here's a video of what to check before you ride and after a winter layup. As with anything else about these bikes, always consult your factory manual for proper specs and methods of checking oils.

Two things I might add here is the choice of DOT fluid is said to be DOT 5 in this video. This isn't correct, there are some of the newer bikes that have gone back to DOT 4 so check your manual before adding brake fluid, they DO NOT MIX!
Also the throttle cable lube section in this video, your throttle should snap back much better than shown in this video or there is a problem somewhere that should be checked out before riding.

YouTube - Motorcycle Maintenance - Top Ten Tech Tips
Re: Top Ten Pre Ride Tips

Thanks Mr. Data.

I usually don't have the time or patience to view video's on line but this was good and informative.