Tool suggestions for first time HD builder

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    The bike is a 2009 Streetglide.
    The build is a Hillside 107 with 7h cams. Rings are fitted, installed on the pistons, and matched to the cylinders.

    Currently running the Woods 6 cams, SE Heavy Breather, Fuel Moto 2-1-2 headpipe, Fullsac 2" cored mufflers. PCV with Autotune. (Does anyone sense a Fat Cat in my future?) ;-)

    The list I have so far is; (Lot's of George's stuff)
    Cam locking tool
    Inner cam bearing puller
    Inner cam bearing pilot
    Oil pump alignment pins
    Rocker box rachet tool
    Ring compressor
    Ball end allens for the intake install

    I have the HD service manual that already has lots of oil fingerprinted pages from other jobs on a few bikes. But never a motor.

    My brothers 2009 RK police bike is next on the list if this one works.

    Thanks in advance, Bob

    Forgot to list the Crankshaft run out tool from George's Garage.
    I was going to make one since I have several dial indicators, but thought his looked good for the $.

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