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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by 50 pan, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. 50 pan

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    Can anyone tell me if there is someplace i can rent cam bearing remover, installer, and assembley tools for an 08 96" FL,, these are not the same as pre 07 88" twin cam tools,, Thanks
  2. HarryB737

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    If you want to make an investment in tools... I have seen several nice Bearing removal/ Installer tools at Harbor Freight in person. If you're not close to one they have a good web site... Harbor
  3. Hoople

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    I seriously doubt it. You need a blind hole bearing puller and installer. If you look at TQ's hydraulic chain tension pictures, it is tricky to install those cage roller bearings without damage. Taking them out with a blind hole bearing puller is easy. Pressing them back in without damage is another.

    Wow, already changing bearings on an 2008 '96? What happened?
  4. kemo

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    Also if not using the proper bearing removal tool you can drop a needle or more into the crank case requireing some good luck to fish them out or splitting the cases
  5. The4opps1

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    The inner cam bearing tool remover and installer that I sued on my TC88 made a tricky job routine. As was mentioned, you need to pull the old inner bearings out without dropping the needles into the crankcase. Installing the new one's requires a setback from the rear of the case which would be almost impossible to do without the installer, that puts the bearings in with the appropriate clearance. I bought mine from George's Garage for about $150, and when i was done, Ebayed them for about $100. Good luck
  6. 50 pan

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    Thanx all,,, i installed a 103 kit with new cams is why i needed to replace the bearings.. i ended up buying the tools at JIMS.. expensive,, but, very good american made tools that worked as they are supposed to,, also less than what the labor at a dealer would be,,I will be ebaying them in the furture.. I bought the bearing remover, bearing installer, and the cam gear locking tools,,,other than having to replace a worn cam chain tensioner,,the job went very well..