To Buell or not to Buell?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by DavesKystoms, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Alright guys, as afew of you know I did the 1200 conversion on my sporty this last winter (02 883). I went with 10:1 pistons, installed big valves, extensively ported the heads (was rather impressed with volumetric efficiency increases), and matched the intake. Bike runs good, actually really good, waxed afew stage one 96's and one stage 2 but, I want more. With that being said, I've been told to go to buell heads, and buell camshafts. The thing I don't like about any of the cam manufactures or even the buell cams is I can't find specs. Not just lift and duration I want opening and closing numbers, degrees @ .050" degrees @ .100" and so on. I've made my living being a head and cam guru and I am very discouragedd with the limited information that is given. Now on to the heads, I'm 10:1 with my current setup I know that the buell heads have got to have larger combustion chambers but, have found no information as to how many cc's they are. I just want some of your opinions, what you guys have done and what kind of HP and TQ #'s you've reached with a given set up. The person that told me to go with the buell parts said "you know they do make around 90 hp". That can't be all that is hidden in this little engine. :D
    Thanks in advance Dave