TMS Helmet from eBay

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    $23.50 + + $1.94 Ca sales tax + $17.95 shipping = $43.39 Yeah, I know. You get what you pay for.

    Shipped UPS from S. Calif. to N. Calif, poorly packaged, the first one arrived damaged so badly it had to be returned, at no cost to me. The second one, also poorly packaged, arrived today intact, and at no additional cost, 19 days from date of purchase. Also, I was offered a full refund, if there wasn't another in my size. It has a DOT sticker.
    Positives: The candy metalic red color is a nearly identical match to my '09 Street Glide. I like the flip up front. The size large fit my 23 1/4" head about right.
    Negatives: There is an odd smell to it. The vent covers barely work. It is a bit noisy in the wind. The fit of all the component parts is just fair. Visibility out to the sides is just OK.

    At 3#10oz, it is 3oz. lighter than my Shoei Syncrotec, which I an sure it was meant to copy, but at $43, it is about 1/10th the price.

    How much do you want to spend to protect YOUR head?

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    Pretty sad when the shipping price is almost the price of the helmet. That said, the real tale of the tape is if you are happy with it fine. Personally the real test is, if this helmet would fit on my beloved's head would I be just as happy with it, or would you prefer she wear the Shoei at 10x the price. JMO I value my head just as much and would spring for another Shoei IF price was the ONLY reason for getting the unknown brand from an unknown source, as been said many times, "- rider can justify 'bout anything he wants or needs." Safety equipment is like tires, something I would not buy on e-bay unless I knew the date code and trusted the supplier/source...but even that would be a stretch.